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Women and gender inequalities in the context of the crisis

In view of the International Women's Day on March 8, the European Parliament publishes the analytical synthesis of the main results related to the Eurobarometer/ European Parliament Survey: "Women and gender Inequalities in the context of the Crisis". 

The analytical synthesis can be downloaded from here and global results are accessible here.

The questions focused on women and gender inequalities in the context of the crisis. Among the other subjects addressed: recruitment selection criteria and priority measures to be promoted with a view to the 2014 European elections.

  • When asked about the major gender inequalities, Europeans rank the pay gap (38%) as the most important gender inequality, followed jointly by violence against women (34%) and the greater difficulties for women in reconciling their private and working lives (34%)
  • Almost one in three Europeans say that the crisis has in particular worsened the pay gap (30%) and made it more difficult for women to reconcile their private and working lives (30%).
  • When asked which areas have been most affected by the crisis, respondents mentioned: the later entrance of young graduates into the job market (46%), the increase in insecure work (42%)  and the fact that some people work in jobs that do not correspond to their level of qualifications (37%).
  • Two out of three respondents (66%) consider that jobs and combating unemployment, especially youth unemployment should be the top priority
  • Europeans were asked about the most important aspects which an employer takes into account when recruiting a man or a woman. It is very surprising to note that the criteria highlighted differ radically depending on whether the recruitment concerns a man or a woman.
  • For almost half of women "increasing the availability of child care facilities" would be the most effective measure for getting or keeping a job.
  • The respondents consider that the candidates in the next European elections in 2014 should give priority to tackling the pay gap (21%) followed jointly by violence against women (16%) and  the greater difficulties women have in reconciling their private and working lives (16%).
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