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Human Trafficking and Art: Barcoded Woman

Her painting, Barcoded woman, artist Marcelle Hanselaar painted after reading the newspaper on the train in Zurich. It was reported that a woman was found naked and chained to the radiator. She did not speak the language of the country and has long been held as a sex slave in that little room. On her wrist a barcode was tattooed with the price 2000 euro. That was the price that she could buy herself free.

 Bar coded woman, oil on canvas, 102x81 cm 2012


But despite a relentless flow of customers this woman could never collect enough money because the pimps took most of her earnings away. What  made Marcelle Hanselaar especially angry was the fact that this woman was not only physically abused but also humiliated by being presented and treated as merchandise. In such a way that, while the price of her freedom was achievable, every time her hope was again destroyed by her pimps who took most of the money she earned.

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Referral of and assistance for victims of human trafficking in Europe

The Ministry of Interior of Hungary, the Ministry of Security and Justice of The Netherlands and Payoke vzw of Belgium submitted an application „Referral of and assistance for victims of human trafficking in Europe” (hereinafter RAVOT-EUR) for Action Grants under the Programme “Prevention of and Fight against Crime” 2012 ISEC General Call for Proposals of the European Commission.

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