EU Anti-Trafficking Week in Antwerp - Stedelijk Lyceum Cadix

In het kader van de European Anti-Trafficking Day (18/10) ging in samenwerking met UNODC, Payoke en de lokale politie van Antwerpen op 17 oktober het Blueheart@schoolproject van start in het Stedelijk Lyceum Cadix.

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Walk for freedom - abolish slavery step by step

Join us on October 14 and walk for millions of slaves worldwide.

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Patsy Travels to Montenegro to Conduct a Peer-to-Peer Review

From July 17-20, 2017, Patsy Sörensen participated in a Peer-to-Peer Review in Montenegro to evaluate their progress on the fight against human trafficking. The review took place in different locations across Montenegro. Patsy Sörensen came as an expert in the social domain alongside Pitran Silviu, a police official from Romania and Caroline Charpentier, a French judge.

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Is it just the tip of the iceberg?

Flanders is seeing a new sort of human trafficking flowing in, writes "Dag Allemaal." This situtation has been seemingly confirmed by a series of recent police controls in West and East Flanders.

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Latest projects


Referral of and assistance for victims of human trafficking in Europe

The Ministry of Interior of Hungary, the Ministry of Security and Justice of The Netherlands and Payoke vzw of Belgium submitted an application „Referral of and assistance for victims of human trafficking in Europe” (hereinafter RAVOT-EUR) for Action Grants under the Programme “Prevention of and Fight against Crime” 2012 ISEC General Call for Proposals of the European Commission.

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